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Irma Vep

Multi-channel video installation by Michelle Handelmann with original score and sound design by Quentin


Permanent installation at the Biomuseo in Panama City.  11 video screens, floor to ceiling, 11 channels of sound, score and sound design created from the sounds of indigenous wildlife and instruments.

The Clock

A short clip from the ground breaking work "The Clock" by Christian Marclay.  Sound design and mix by Quentin

Canada Soundscape

Permanent installation at the National Music Centre of Canada in Calgary.  Consisting of a mashup of over 30 popular songs of Canada to show the diversity of Canada;s musical heritage.

Teddy Roosevelt

Installation in the Natural History Museum's Roosevelt wing in NYC.  Original music by Quentin

County Down

Laura Parnes' County Down is a web-based episodic digital film that explores an epidemic of psychosis among the adults in a gated community.  Sound and mix by mediaNoise.

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